How to connect web page with a excel using javascript?

i have no idea how to display a filtered table on a webpage by using javascript. The webpage is simple where user can find employee, startdate and endate. The table in excel has many contain but using this webpage, it only display data that the input as what user put in employeeid, startdate and endate searchbox. All the function i want to apply to a button. But, my idea suddenly stop when i dont have any idea to connect excel to my webpage. Since i can’t find any tutorial in youtube on this matter, i want to ask in this forum. I using notepad++.

You might start with something like The repo includes some sample projects and demo’s that could be a good starting point for what you want to do.

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If you have a table in a webpage and it has the three columns that you listed, if the functionality you want is to sort the rows based on employeeid low to high and high to low (like a toggle in the table’s header row). And do the same for the same for the two date columns (oldest to newest and newest to oldest). ? You’ll find lot’s of results under:“DataTables” from old jquery to new web components.

If you want to type into a search field and see the matching results that works similar to “on page search” or “on site search” there are javascript function (library) or web component tutorials as well. Like the one mentioned above.

For an offline excel sheet you would export it to a csv or json file then you could read the file into the table with javascript.

An online Google Sheet can be used as a json endpoint to connect to a webpage. I don’t know about an excel feature like that.

I agree with @functionfirst make a table with some data in it and work on the javascript filtering first.

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@functionfirst @tlc35us thank for the comment… it is really helping me. :smile: