Excel SpreadSheet In Angular 9

Hello All,

I am new in Angular and as per our project need we need to integrate excel spreadsheet in Angular 9 Framework. Our Backend is c# dot net. For spredsheet i research and came to know that there are excel libaries which we used for implementaing spreadsheet.

I have tried with handsontable and syncfusion but my requirement is not fully meet. Every library having its own pron and cons.


  1. Insert Table :I need to drag snapshot over spreadsheet we can drag snapshot data anywhere it depends on user. Depending on snapshot parameter table will be generated. For example: Snapshot contain 3 column and 10 rows with this parameter table is inseted on spreadsheet.We need to represent table and not actual data over the spreadsheet.
  2. Cell Position display on Screen: I need to display the cell address over the top left corner -Name Box as like excel cell address . Means before we drop element data across to the cell it shows you which cell it is put in before you let go? (eg: E5,H7 likewise)
  3. Insert Other HTML elements: like Text box,Button, Header, Frames etc on spreadsheet.
  4. Graph: How do we insert graphs and charts into a spreadsheet?
  5. Column Header: How do we select or deselect column headers on an external checkbox?For example: If I check the external checkbox then column header is displayed and vice versa.
  6. How do we move external droppable table data to another cell on a spreadsheet?

Please refer screen shot for more details.

I have tried with syncfusion spreadsheet library but it not meeting the 1 requirment. They are not supported insert table feture.

In regards with handsontable spreadsheet library cell positioning is not supported means my data is not placed anywhere.

Does any one know how to achieve this or any other alternative solution is their ? Please help me.

Thanks & Regards,
Deepali Dubal

Hi All,

Waiting for your inputs and suggestion on my queries? Please provide your input on same.

Thanks & Regards,
Deepali Dubal