Need help to export and import excelsheet using js

Hi, I want to get some columns from one excel file and update the same to another excel file… I tried to load the file using activex but its showing some error in vscode editor
"Uncaught ReferenceError: Excel is not defined" pls help!!

sample code that I got from google

var workbook = new Excel.Workbook();
workbook.xlsx.readFile("c://users/user/desktop/Test.xlsx").then(function () {
var worksheet=workbook.getWorksheet('Sheet1');
//Get Lastrow
var row = worksheet.lastRow
//Update a cell
row.getCell(1).value = 5;
//Save the workbook
return workbook.xlsx.writeFile("c://users/user/desktop/Test.xlsx");
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from what I understand you are trying to import an excel spreadsheet in JS and exporting the data from that spreadsheet into another.
A quick search online yielded the following resources:

Hope that helps

Problem #1:
<script src=""></script>


var workbook = new ExcelJS.Workbook;