Just posting this as it’s beautifully done (just going through the Typescript section atm) and I think it would be helpful to a lot of learners, supplementing the FCC curriculum. It’s a teaching site, with three sections so far – regular expressions, JS array methods and Typescript, and you work through each section interactively via a simple command-line interface. And it’s free at the minute!


It’s from Gary Bernhardt, who is great, and runs a site called Destroy All Software where he puts up extremely well-made screencasts teaching aspects of programming.


I have finished the free code camp curriculum, so the array and regex sections were a bit basic for me, at least the first lessons, but I have never looked into TypeScript (despite hearing a lot about it). This is a great introduction, it explained TypeScript very simply. I would definitely recommend this website to anybody just starting off with Javascript. In the same vein, the game CSS Diner is a great way to get more comfortable with CSS Selectors.

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I love this thank you <3