Exercise Tracker help

Hi everyone, ive been stumped on the exercise tracker project, particularly with the 4th and 5th test cases. I THINK I’m returning the correct json objects back to the response, but I’m not passing.

The link to my glitch project: https://glitch.com/edit/#!/gorgeous-general-rudbeckia

PLEASE if anyone could shed some light into why it’s not working, it would be greatly appreciated.

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Hello there,

When I input information in the app, it crashes.

Oh, thats weird because it works whenever I use it…

In your function to get the user exercise log, your code says:

app.get('/api/exercise/log/:userId', function(req, res){

The tests want you to be able to send a url with query parameters, for example:


You’ll need to add some code to account for the from, to, and limit parameters.