Expecting feedback for my "Build a Tribute Page" project

Hey, guys. I worked on this project for 14 hours totally trying to make it as pixel perfect as possible. I would really really love to hear some constructive criticism.

Here’s the link to my project: Tribute to Google

Appreciate your feedback in advance.

Thanks a lot.

Great unique idea! The design is very clean and it flows nicely. The carousel text is messed up, though. It prints on the top of the page instead of the middle… Like this:

Hey, Beekey. First off, thanks a lot! But everything seems perfect from my end. Look.

Must be a cross browser compatibility issue. Here is how it looks for me in Chrome now:

Text is now visible, but still not centered.
And here is Firefox:

No text visible here.

It was not visible in Firefox because I was removing it. Now, I have removed it completely. Will fix it as soon as possible and put it up again. Thanks :slight_smile:

You are welcome :slight_smile: Have fun working on it!

It looks great on my laptop. Very nicely done! I did try to open it on my iPhone and all of the formatting, colors, fonts, etc were gone. I wonder if using some “responsive” code would allow it to work on different sized screens?

My end goal in this course is to be able to make pages that can be read on any device from desktop-to laptop-to tablet-to smart phone. So, it would be great to know how to do it right from the first project on! Can anyone give a hint how it can be done?

OK… I tried a different approach. I sent myself a link to the URL at the top of this page which sent a page with a link to your project file and guess what? It works… but, only for the first part with the definition. The colors and typeface are all correct and it fits very nicely. Turning the screen from portrait to landscape, it responds by spreading out across the screen. The picture doesn’t load, nor does any of the information below it. Maybe the file is too large and it is “choking” on it. Why don’t you try reducing the file size of all the images and we can see if that takes care of it? I think someone told me that 72 pixels/inch was plenty for web use.

Okay, sure. I’ll try to optimize the images. But the site is “responsive” when I look at it from my phone. I’m not sure why it doesn’t work out for you. Can you send me a screenshot of it so I can fix it?

OK. Here are screenshots from my iPhoneSE. This is all there was that would come up and It quickly disappears down the screen unless I hold a finger on it to keep it there… a bit awkward when you have to do that and push 2 buttons to get the screenshot. I hope it helps a bit.

As far as I understand, if the height of the div is more than the height of the device’s screen the page is displayed on, it won’t be contained within the viewport no matter how responsive the page is. I guess that’s as much responsiveness can do. Lol. Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong. :slight_smile: