Feedback on Tribute page (and a little slight help)

Hey everybody!

I just finished the Tribute page project to the basic. I will be working on it more in the future as I know there is room for improvements (such as responsive layout etc.) But here it is for now and hope you all like it! :slight_smile:

However, there is one thing that is bugging me and your help will be much appreciated. For some reasons, the anchor tag link doesn’t seem to be working and is broken, despite the anchor tag can be styled with no issues.

What I have noticed is the link doesn’t work if the anchor tag is nested within the paragraph tag, but if placed anywhere else, it works. Clearly, I am doing something wrong here :grin:

Hey, I tried out the link and it was working fine for me. Are you still having that issue, I’m not really sure why it would be working for me and not you, perhaps a codepen issue, but I’m pretty sure the code is fine.

As for the page it looks good. A few things I noticed that could be adjusted are;

  • The list of info gets quite squished on a skinny screen, with a fair bit of room that the text could be filling. I’m pretty sure the thinnest phone screens are around 320px, and on 320px the info is squished to 1 or 2 lines every word. Squishing the page also makes the quote marks overlap the quote.
  • The Image gets a bit too big on widescreens I think. When I put the page into fullscreen, I can’t quite fit the image and the caption on the screen at the same time, not a massive drama though.
  • The link and quote are the same color, as a general rule, I usually try to make links a different color to all other text on the page to minimize confusion about what’s clickable and what isn’t.

It’s really just responsiveness that could be tidied up a bit.

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For just starting It’s good

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Hey, thanks for your response :slight_smile:

That is really odd because I have tried both Codepen and opening my HTML file on all three browser platforms (Chrome, Safari, Firefox) and the link is still not clickable and taking me to the specified website. I am going to try another device and see from there. Still, thank you for informing me on this.

Onto the feedback side, I totally agree with you that the responsive design needs tweaking and I am with you 100% on that the list looking very squishy when the screen gets smaller. Hence it is my objective for this week to improve the project further :smiley:

However, the image is something I will have to work on multiple platforms because at this moment on my screen is pretty similar sizing to the example provided by FCC, but I can see things are looking different when I have just switched to a different browser. So I appreciate your feedback on that one.

Again, thank you very much for your feedback as it has helped me to see what areas needed improving! :blush:

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Thank you. It will get better though :slight_smile: