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Hi everyone,

This is my first post and im happy to say that yesterday i completed my first tribute page, i did all the responsive web design course but when the task was in front of me my mind went blank, it was hard the first half an hour to build something from scratch but looking here and there and googled a bit what i wanted to do then everything started making sense, looks too simple but it passed all the tests.

today i learned to upload it to github as i want to upload all my projects, i will try to clean it up a litte bit, add notes in the code and let it shine, i would like to receive some feedback and also know what do u think i should include to make it better.


Hi @frogcoin82 !

Welcome to the forum!
Congrats on finishing the first project. :grinning:

You will need to verify your email address with codepen so we can see the full page view.

I would review the lesson on giving links meaningful names.
Wikipedia source is not that accessible.

Now that you are building projects, you should separate your css and html.
Get rid of the style tags and move all of your css to the css section.

I would also avoid inline styles like this. style="text-align:center"

Hope that helps!

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thanks for the feedback.

*resolved the email issue, i didnt pay attention to open that email lol.

*fixed giving link a meaningful name, does it sounds better this way?

Read more about Alligator Loki

*thanks for remember that inline style, i had some issues centering the text as i could not apply style for the anchor id “tribute-link”, i tried again but i couldnt, i figured a workaround creating a <div id="link">, putting the text and anchor in and then working on the “link” attibute. is there a most clean way to do this or is this the right way?

final thoughts:

*is there a place where i can test the page in different browsers for compatibility issues or it is not needed at this stage of the course?

*is there any cosmetic recommendation anyone can suggest to improve the page looks? ill work on it.


Anchor tags are inline elements.
Here is a complete list of them which will come in handy for other projects.

You can change the display of the link to display: block; and then center it or use a div like you did.

The easiest way is to test it manually on different browsers.
My main browser is chrome but I also have safari and firefox to test out my website.

You can also use the website Can I use which tells you which features are supported by which browsers.

Now that you finished the project, you can look at other people’s designs and see how they approached it.
You can look through the #project-feedback section and look at other tribute pages.

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