Tribute Page Feedback Appreciatied

I finished the Tribute Page for the Responsive Web Design Projects section and would love some feedback over design/coding. This is the very first website I have built so I apologise if it is terrible. Here is the link:

P.S. I am only using HTML/CSS for this project as I have not started the Javascript section yet so please only provide HTML or CSS bases suggestions. Thanks.

The page is looks good.

Thanks for the comment! I have now completely finished all of the pages so if anyone has any other advice, it would be appreciated.

I think it’s plain but, great. It works. It resizes well. Nothing is broken. All I would say is that the page is very plain so, it’s hard for anyone to give too much feedback other than, “Looks good and works”. One thing that you may want to do, now that you’ve passed all the tests and created a tribute page, you could try and add some other stylings(maybe something to do with tech or computers) that separate it from the standard, and make it unique. But, it works and passes all tests. But, if you like it plain then that’s okay too.:slight_smile:
Good work.

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