Experience learning with ChatGPT


I just wanted to ask if someone got Experiences learning with ChatGPT. I´m using this tool to research and i think it is very helpful, but sometimes it feels like it goes to fast. I mean before ChatGPT you had to use google or the forum and search by yourself. I guess so you got much more to read and you got deeper in knowledge through this and of course also used more time. I´m a little scared that i miss to much if i do my researches with ChatGPT.

What are your experiences? Do you recommend ChatGPT? Do you use another method? Im excited for your input. And if my english is not on point, would be nice if you give me feedback.

no, if you have no experience in a topic, you can’t catch when the tool is allucinating

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You have to double check everything you ask GPT, because it will tell you wrong information

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Don’t use ChatGPT.

If there is another LLM that is specifically designed to act as a programming guide or coach, maybe that could work. Maybe it’s possible to carefully prompt ChatGPT to do this, not sure.

Do not think of it as an “All knowing source of perfect truth Artificial Intelligence”, it’s not. Think of it as a “coherent sentence generator”. It does not “know” anything and has no way to know if it’s telling you correct information or not. It can synthesize new sentences based on patterns of billions of sentences that it’s analyzed.

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There are talented and experience professionals who have dedicated thousands of hours to creating free educational content to help people learn to code. The content is planned, and tested, and revised to be accurate and helpful.

Or you could let a chatbot build MadLibs out of search results.

Your choice.


Thanks for the answers!

So do you just try and try till your Code works? Which methods do you use to fill gaps in knowledge? Only the forum?

Search for your question and try reading a few different resources. You are likely to find one that works best for you, but still good to check a few for a well-rounded answer imo





I like geeksforgeeks for example they usually have good explanations and examples.

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All great information above. Really want to stress this

I work with AI on a daily basis for work, we use it in our client applications and internal applications. The amount of frustration I have every single day because how dumb AI actually is, is unbelievable. Unless you can actually tell if the response you are getting from AI is right or not then I would avoid it. Majority of beginners are not going to be able to tell if the code it gives is right or wrong so it best to avoid it until you get some experience under your belt. Even then, I would still avoid it.