Is ChatGPT really great to teach Programming?

Hello everyone!
In these recent days, I have been using ChatGPT to help me in my studies and I am having a great experience using it. But I have asked other seniors developers their opinion about using ChatGPT to help me in my studies and they said that ChatGPT is a great tool, but I do not have to rely just on it. I would like to know your opinion about about using ChatGPT. Is it really beneficial or not?

ChatGPT will very confidently tell you totally wrong information. Use with skepticism.


I mean its a very interesting and useful tool. I actually just worked on a POC for integrating the chatbot into some of our development work. It can be very helpful when you are learning, but from the POC we did, we learned that it is far from perfect. Some of the information we got back was not accurate. So, it would be a good idea to go back and double check the information on your own to be sure your getting the correct thing. In several years it will be interesting to see how far it will come

@JeremyLT that is what I think. I prefer doing my own research on Google and get my own conclusions. ChatGPT is great tool. But I’m a bit skeptic while using it.

I’ve heard from several people who like using these generative interfaces for learning to code, largely because they find the style of the interface more approachable than other resources. I think that’s pretty cool. I would also second what others have said: don’t put too much trust in quality of the information it presents. When there is conflicting information, trust the content that was consciously written by an expert instead of the program which has the primary goal of “make content that looks realistic”.

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I guess we won’t really know until the new generation of developers now clearly relying on it for information and learning has matured to the point that they can tell us if it was more helpful or harmful.

It isn’t going away that’s for sure so the more feedback the systems can get the better.

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