Should Junior web developer not use Chat GPT when the debug?

Hello, I am a Junior web developer,

Recently, I’ve been working in a Tokyo web company.

What do you think about when the debug Junior Web developer uses Chat GPT?

My manager said when you debug, you should not use Chat GPT. Of course, I didn’t use all of the time. But, some of my friend’s companies use many AI tools such as a Copilot or another AI tool including the Chat GPT.
How about another country ? Is the same situation in Japan?

ChatGPT can be wildly inaccurate so everything it gives you must be double checked or else you’re gonna create more issues in your code. Its not at the point where it can really be considered an effective tool for writing or debugging code.

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In terms of how useful a tool it is, often it can do more harm than good. This is especially true if you are newer to programming and are therefore less skilled at detecting when it’s full of crap. From that perspective, I wouldn’t say “never use it ever” but approach with caution.

However, there is another component here and that is your employer. When these tools first became widely talked about, a lot of companies needed to create policies not to use them for debugging your work code directly. Anything that you put into LLMs is being given to that company as data they can access and use. This is a problem for intellectual property. If you’re going to use a LLM, it’s a better idea to describe the errors rather than give it your code.