Experienced Devs out there, what do you do off work to keep yourself calmed and afloat?

Okay, maybe this is a bit off topic, but I always wondered, what do devs do on their free time in order to relax and give their brains some slacks?

Recently I wanted to increase the amount of time I am learning everyday, but I want to avoid burnt out.
I have known the technique of taking small breaks every hour, and using a pomodoro clock to time myself.

But I keep wondering what do you guys do off time (other than spending time with family and chill and relax etc) just to keep yourself physically and mentally capable of doing development works.
Jogging? Deep Breathing? Swimming? or ?
Cos let’s be honest here, this is some brain taxing work we are doing.

Also I have heard some stories of devs (especially new devs) getting too many hours or too many tasks on their hand hence felt that they can’t handle the stress after a year of doing dev work.

How truthful is that? If one day I am gonna be in that position (PM/boos assign me too many tasks to do or one team only have 1 front end dev etc) how am I gonna be coping with the stress as well as the technical challenges I am gonna face (a.k.a learning a lot of new stuff within a relatively short period of time )?

Thank you for your time.

Same as anyone else. I walk my dogs, play games, watch movies, read books. I’m trying to learn how to make quilts.

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