Express boilerplate (a Clementine.js-like) for getting started with backend projects

Hello everyone,
As a newbie, I liked to start all my Node/Express projects using Express generator . But I usually waste some time on writing or copying codes for connecting to my DB, or configuring passport authentication …
FreeCodeCamp’s Clementine.js was a great solution, but I needed some time to understand its hierarchy, and to remove the Click/Ajax stuffs, I needed to cleanup the boilerplate and I didn’t enjoy that :disappointed: .
It was easier for me to generate a project using Express generator and to configure than to use Clementine.js, then I said why not make a template from that ? So I can reduce my efforts on things that we do everytime we start a project…
So I created my modest template:
With features like:

  • Use mongoose
  • Passport authentication
    • Local (using email and password)
    • Facebook authentication
    • Twitter authentication
  • Uses SASS stylesheets (autocompiled)
  • Uses EJS templating language
  • MVC structure
  • Security
    • Use Helmet, it helps securing the app by setting various HTTP headers.
    • Use csurf for CRSF protection. Important: How to use it
  • User Schema (Authentication, CRUD API)

And what I need to add ? What are your suggestions ? All contributions, suggestions and comments are welcomed :smiley: .
Sorry for my poor English, and have a great day !