Extension for tracing sequences of code?

I currently have Webstorm installed and it has this great feature where when you hover over a line of code, it traces every nested code leading up to that point

So in the image above, notice how the editor traces the code at the top in the following manner: div.container-fluid --> div.row -->div.col-xs–4 --> button.btn-block.btn-primary etc etc

I want to migrate to Brackets (since I like it more) and I wanted to know if anyone knows of any extension that does something similar to this. It is especially helpful for me when I am reading code and it’s the only reason why I haven’t completely migrated to Brackets yet. Thanks in advance!:grin:

Hey @Quantic_Dreams , for your reference WebStorm calls that feature “Breadcrumbs”.

Yes, thank you. I am trying to find the equivalent on Brackets. Its very helpful for a noob like me when I read code; helps with spotting errors and seeing patterns

That’s a great feature! I wonder if there’s anything like this for Atom…