and other text editors

Question 1 : Am i wrong for attempting to use or brackets or sublime??

I’m still early on in the fcc map and I’m trying to supplement what i learn here with books and other tutorials.
I would love to practice typing code while I learn from some other sources, tho. Another important goal for me is to also get used to using a “standard” editor for when I complete fcc later down the line.

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Find something you like:

For top shelf free IDE’s take a look at Visual Studio Code link

For paid I recommend JetBrain’s WebStorm. WebStorm Feature set

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I actually started in that exact thread when i got concerned.
I guess i asked the wrong question and should have asked at what point should I start using a text editor?

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will check out visual studio first

As soon as possible. Just download an editor and see if you like it. You will most likely want something like browser-sync to auto update as well.

If you have any problems (feel free to ask them) or if you don’t like it you can always go back to codepen.

makes sense. especially the auto update/browser-sync part

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I’d recommend using an editor as soon as possible as well. The sooner you learn to create the full webpage including links to your scripts, styles, and CDNs, the better you’ll understand how everything fits together. I use a variety of them at work and home. It depends on what I want to do or what technology I need to use as to which one I decide to use at the moment. Ones that I’ve used are Brackets, Visual Studio Code, Visual Studio (full version for ASP.NET websites), Atom, Sublime, Aptana Studio, NetBeans, and Eclipse (version for web projects). Everyone has their own preferences and there isn’t a right or wrong one. You determine which one or ones you like to use and go to town with it!

For starting out, I’d definitely recommend Brackets. It’s very easy to use out of the box and has a browser-sync function built in that works very well to display the page you’re working on in the browser. Don’t be afraid to try other ones, though. They all have their pros and cons.

I’ve used a number of editors in my life. Maybe because my PC only has 2GB RAM, I haven’t had a pleasant experience on “popular” Editors like Atom, WebStorm and Brackets. Sublime Text is like the Linux of text editors, If you like barebones and extreme customising, that’s what I’d recommend. Lightweight and powerful.

I don’t use it though, because it crashed once pretty bad and i basically had to do a fresh install, really pissed me off. For the last few months I have been using Visual Studio Code, my gosh I’m in love. I don’t think I’ll be leaving any time soon.

At the end of the day, it’s about preference, so just give the popular ones a try, and stick to what you like. I’d really really like you to try Visual Studio Code though, it’s just Sublime :wink:

@djblackspider I used for testing my JS code. It’s a limited editor, but then again it forces me to learn, especially when the autocomplete or the correct property is not available.