When to start using a text editor? And then which one?

I started fcc about a month ago. We are coding in the browser on the challenges, I assume…?
I see everyone talking about using different text editors (sublime, etc.) for coding. Am I supposed to be using a text editor somehow, right now? I don’t get it.

If you haven’t yet gotten to the “Tribute page” project or others that involve you writing code from scratch, then you can do everything within the fCC site.

At that point, it’s nice to switch to a local text editor (I like Atom) because it’s more “real world,” like in a real job. If selecting and installing one is going to slow you down or scare you off too much, though, you can work in Codepen.io as the instructions suggest.

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Ok. That makes sense. Thank you so much for the info!

Along the lines of if you do try to start using a code editor, find one that fits you best. There are paid and free options. Below is a link to open source code editor’s on GitHub.

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Good advice. Thanks for the link!

Text editor is just a tool, use it now, see if it makes your life easier, if it doesn’t don’t use it now.
As for which one, you must test each one and see which makes you life easier.

This principle is applicable for almost anything in computer science. Graph theory is highly useful, but will you use it in your specific projects and line of work? Well maybe, and if you don’t use it, it’s completely useless.

Test things, see if they help you, ditch if they don’t. There are no written rules.