What Text Editor Do You Use?

I know a lot of people use sublime , but i want to know for sure what you guys are using as for some reason I am very curious! I currently switch between Visual Studio Code and Brackets, what about you guys ? I highly recommend both of these by the way!


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Even though this is a dupe, I’ll take the opportunity to rave about VS Code again!

VS Code has great Typescript support and ‘Intellisense’ (which basically means it provides more contextual information about your code, variables and modules when you hover over particular parts of the code - this is great in bigger projects with lots of moving parts, like Angular2 projects).

It also has an integrated terminal, which is great for when you want to have your terminal running quickly without needing to switch panes.

I also find the git integration better than Atom’s, even though GitHub made Atom!


I had being using brackets and really liked it but still feel its missing something so havent being using it lately. Dont like codepen so rarely use it … at the moment i use repl.it find it easy to use and hassle free. probably have to change when projects get more complex.

Visual Studio Code for HTML and CSS, even though as a Linux user some people will brand me a heretic for using a Microsoft product. I love the way it looks, the fact that it gives you tool-tips on almost every element you can think of, and the level of customization it offers. It’s just really intuitive and a joy to use.

I use Sublime Text as my general text editor and for quick and dirty snippets of code, and Geany for coding in Python. One of the great things about Linux is the wealth of software available, and the fact that you rarely have to pay for it. Great for those of us who haven’t yet made it onto the Forbes rich list.


I use Atom, but also downloaded Brackets because I have read that it is more beginner friendly. When I use Atom, I see all these options that I could be using and I feel like I am using rare paints to do some scribbles (but the point was to inspire me to get there).


I’m quite happy with Atom.io

Sublime Text.

Sometimes I use Brackets, but mostly Sublime.
It’s much more stable than Atom.

Dreamweaver CC for me. I think the built-in code editor is based on brackets.io (which is also by Adobe).

Sublime and Atom, rather sublime for windows dev and atom for linux dev.

have used a lot of text editors but nothing is more lightweight and smooth than sublime-text
go with it!

My favorites are Atom and Visual Studio Code.

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I did most of the front-end projects using Notepad++, and that worked really well for just starting out.

I recently started using Atom. I’m still learning my way around the editor (if that makes sense), but so far I like it. I’m not really using half of what it has to offer, but I figure I’ll gradually learn more of its features over time.


Sublime Text and PHPStorm are my faves. In fact, I really need to figure out why PHPStorm is being laggy on my computer so I can use it again.

Woah @P1xt, this is perfect! I’m about midway through the beginner algorithms challenges and I am starting to feel that with enough patience and perseverance, this is possible. A few weeks ago, I would have been intimidated by that playlist, but now I feel like I can do this one video at a time. Thanks again for this!

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Visual Studio Code FTW…!! The git integration seems flawless, and the intellisense is top notch. I would recommend everyone here to atleast give it a try once.

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I mainly use Brackets because it refreshes the browser preview automatically like Codepen, it’s sooo handy. At the same time I hate it because it has some bugs in the interface (syntax coloring sometimes imprecise, code folding randomly decides not to work) but it’s the best I have tried so far. I like Atom but it takes a while to load on my laptop and by the time it is completely loaded I’m already working on Brackets, so…
Sometimes I use Notepad++ for tiny portions of code.


I used Visual studio Microsoft because of introducing of my teacher, besides i also used Notepad. They are ok with me but I will try some tool You guys shared above. maybe I will find some better for me^^


I’m using NeoVim, with some plugins, it’s just perfect for fast coding.
But may seem difficult to learn, like all very efficient tools…


I’m using Vim, because I have all the documentation inside and is perfect to learn.
I tried Sublime and Atom, but there to slow.

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Atom gets really slow when editing large files. There was some problem in electron which Github and Microsoft used to make Atom and Vscode that caused this problem. Microsoft somehow found a way but Atom is still slow when editing large files.

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