What is you perfered text editor? An informal poll

I find myself bouncing between Atom and sublime text, both are find editors each with their own advantages. I am interested to see what text editors my fellow campers are using.

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I tried Atom for a while. It’s got all the features I like, but I had serious problems with speed. Sublime Text is basically perfect, though the Free Software proponent in me winces.


Sublime <3 because is beatiful haha

Generally use Notepad ++ or visual studio :slight_smile:

I tend to agree with you . Atom is a nice editor its open source, but much slow than sublime

I tried out sublime really quickly and that seems like the best. Don’t know how I feel about paying for it at the moment.

Nano or gedit… But at work I have to use Dreamweaver

I really like Sublime Text, especially after installing Origami and Emmett, two free plugins that made it even easier and quicker to code.

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When I was on Windows I used Notepad++.
After switching to Ubuntu I’m using Atom. No special preference, it was first thing I tried.

I’m a huge Atom fan. Also, wanted to share this video about code editors - Which editor do you use? - he humorously spoke to my tool/plugin addiction. :smile:


I’m using Windows, so I switch between Notepad++ and Brackets, which I’m starting to love, especially with all the plugins.

Nano for quick edits on the Terminal.

Sublime when I want it to open fast and use the SublimeREPL plugin.

Atom most of the time, it’s awesome!

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Recently i have started using Visual Studio Code, and so far loving it. I love Brackets as well, its pretty cool as you can see the changes live as you do it in the editor live like codepen has.

I bounce between those two as well. I like Visual Studio Code too since it’s open source but faster than atom. At the end of the day, I keep going back to Sublime. It’s always been my favourite. It’s faster, it just works and definitely looks better on my screen (the font looks brighter than atom’s for me, dunno if this happens to more people). Feels like the community is moving from sublime to atom tho, but the first one will still remain pretty relevant.

I’ve been using Sublime for a long time, but I switched to Visual Studio Code. In two days it has become my favorite editor ever. That’s saying a lot, considering my abject derision of all things Microsoft.

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Nano is my favorite when writing in the terminal. When I’m not, eh, I don’t really care.

Discourse has a nice poll feature :wink:

  • Sublime Text
  • Atom
  • Brackets
  • Notepad++
  • Visual Studio
  • Nano
  • Vim
  • Emacs
  • Other(specify?)

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Webstorm and occasionally VS Code even though I don’t know how to use it completely yet.

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I use Atom and Sublime text.
Atom has better beautifier plugins and has most all the great tools, but is slow and really benefits from SSD and fast RAM. It’s nearly unusable on my work PC - old laptop.
ST is fast, but just doesn’t handle a few things like I prefer, it’s also not as friendly to newbies.
Notepad++ does great with tag highlighting if you have trouble when a lot of nesting is done in divs - looking at you bootstrap and tables…
I’m curious to try some of these others that have been mentioned.

Sublime 2 for me.
It works on all platforms I use, from an ancient OS X Lion up-to Windows 10, not forgetting the various Linux tastes.
Atom is fine, but Sublime wins on speed.