Has Any one used Atom editor?

I want to know which one is the better text editor (sublime or Atom)? and I am also open to any suggestion

Both are very good editors but I prefer Atom due to the great community surrounding it and how hackable it is, therefor I recommend Atom.

Have to go with Atom aswell all though I would also recommend Visual Studio Code

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I use Atom all the time. It starts slowly (the time before the window appears is a bit too long for my liking), but then it’s very good (and fast). I tried IDEs and simple editors and Atom is the best for me at the moment.

Atom and Sublime both will provide you with a beautiful code completion features respectively.

However, Atom is open source and you can customise your themes with CSS.

Sublime that I use is generally the unregistered version but that doesn’t matter in performance.

Try them both and see for yourself what you prefer…!

I use Atom as well as it can sync with the GitHub app. You should take a look at this DevTips video to help you set it up with useful packages.


I have been using Atom for over more than year now and I find it very useful due to it’s highly customisable and a huge amount of useful plugins. Recently I have started using Webstorm but setting up an IDE for smaller/medium tasks is time consuming.

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I used sublime in the starting, but then switched over to Brackets and then Atom Editor. I loved the Brackets and Atom editor. Both of these have awesome collection of packages to make the development workflow fast. These days I am using Atom for Javascript practice and Visual Studio for all other heavy stuff.

Atom is great. Only downside is it’s resource intensive and crashes sometimes :weary:

I would go with Visual Studio Code Atom crashes frequently, and has more built-in features out-of-the box.

Atom’s always have been buggy for me. I’ve heard a lot of people using it and they all recommend it.
I personally use sublime. It is light weight, it is suuuupppppper fast and responsive.

My advice is don’t dwell on this too much. YOu can check both out at your free time.
Start coding rightaway. :slight_smile: