Facebook clone app

Hi guys! Just finished up my mini Facebook clone app, it is built using the MERN stack, which was actually my first time using MongoDB, which I figured I would try to tackle a Facebook clone to practice what I learned. It’s no way perfect, but if you guys would be kind to test it out, and let me know what you think of it, or if you come across any bugs, that would be great!

Here’s the link to my project.

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found a bug: cant see everybody elses posts after I log into my account

but yeh thats pretty sick. mind id i get a link to you repo?

@s0ukke05 I bet you put a lot of work into your project. I cannot wait to see it but you have a problem. As soon as the page loaded this is what I saw.

Is this project on Github?

Thanks for bringing this up Brandon! It is on github, I’m not at home currently but once I get back I can link it.

It’s also strange since it’s working for others and not for you

@s0ukke05 I just fixed my browser. No need to investigate the issue. Your project is working now. How long did it take you to make it? What were the challenges you had in building this project? By the way, you did a great job! I’ll be back to give you some detailed comments. Now it is bedtime.

Thanks Brandon! What browser were you using by the way? I want to see if I can see if maybe there is an underlying issue there?

I t took me a little over a month, the there was a lot of issues that came up during this course, but I would say the one that stuck out the most to me was getting notifications associated to each user, depending on a request, ie) friend request, liked post, replied, etc.

Another difficult task was also the commenting section, that took a couple of days to figure out and wrap my brain around. There’s things that should’ve added in like pagination but that will be for later, I think where it’s at now is fine.

Sure thing! Here’s for the front end and this one is for the REST api link.

As for the posts, are you referring to the main feed section? Or on their profile side itself?

Great work!


  • visual feedback on user action (hovering etc.)

Thanks for the feedback and suggestion miku! I’ll definitely add in some hover effects on other links and such, so far I have those on some links and then got sidetracked (being lazy) and didn’t add any more in.

You did a great job man putting up something like this.

Thanks narh! Was there anything you see that could be improved?

Hi @s0ukke05. I’m back. I have looked over your project. Here is what I think. This is just my opinion on what you can do to make the project better.

  • The first thing that stood out to me is that you need to get a domain name to make it look more professional.
  • You should have a gradual transition at all widths. At 780px width the post tiles get squished.
  • I recommend adding a “other” radio button next to “male” and “female”.
  • Set the textarea box to “font-family: inherit” so that the font in the textarea matches the rest of the page.
  • In the login page the input fields are touching, on the register page the input fields are separated by margin. I think the design should be consistent on both pages. You could add margin below the “Email” field on the login page.
  • Add a screenshot to your Github page where the project is kept.
  • Add a way to flag posts just in case people upload offensive comments/images.
  • Rename the navigation__link–logo icon to “FriendFace” or “BookFace” instead “Facebook”. Facebook may consider the word trademarked but I am no copyright lawyer.

By the way, the browser I used was Firefox 70.0.1. The error came back but there is an X in the right top corner that makes it go away.

Another error.