Facebook outage

So can anybody tell from a programming view point, what happened to facebook today? Does it happen to all websites too? What should we learn from it as beginners in our field ?

This appears to be a DNS issue. I don’t think there is really much to learn from this as far as front-end development is concerned. I’m personally hoping it was an inside job and the perp gets away with it. But that’s just because I’m not particularly fond of Zuck or Facebook in general.

I do use IG to post pics of my foster kittens though, so I hope that comes back up soon.


For what I know this started at same time someone from the company was defending facebook for some accussations on the CNBC. But until Facebook post some update about the issue we can just guess.

Basically: The ability to access application servers from outside the network is broken - probably due to someone accidentally changing a configuration file.

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The main advantage of the modern web is its inter-connectivity. At the same time, this complexity means it’s actually very possible for this to occur, from large companies to small.

I think the simplest, clearest message is. Things are complicated, and mistakes happen. The engineers at Facebook are smart, but are not immune to making mistakes. Same goes for any fancy tech company, or really any company.

We are all ultimately human.


Cloudflare has published an explainer: https://blog.cloudflare.com/october-2021-facebook-outage/

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