Facing difficulty in understanding DOM & JS local storage

Can I get to exercise about DOM & JS local storage on @freecodecamp curriculum like all other topics because I am not able to find this topic ?

The DOM is the Document Object Model, it is basically the html structure of the website, via the DOM you can access all the html tags.

Local Storage is the storage on your computer, there you can save cookies, passwords, text etc. When you open a browser the first time and you type in your email adress for some website then the data gets stored in the local storage, so that next time you dont need to type your email again.

Tutorial about Local Storage/Session Storage

Tutorial about the DOM

EDIT: I just saw that you searching for a tutorial from freecodecamp.

Anyways I hope it helps :slight_smile:

There’s no DOM Manipulation focused topic in freeCodeCamp. You have to learn it on another resource.

But can’t we practice on @freeCodeCamp ??


Yeah… same here
Also facing some issues in practicing the questions of DOM & Local Storage.

HI @rajat310 !

The new project based javascript curriculum will cover the DOM and local storage.

But for now, there are plenty of great articles and videos to help you understand the concept.

Thank you @jwilkins.oboe for sharing these videos. It was helpful but I recommended @freeCodeCamp @QuincyLarson to create a practice course for DOM & Local Storage concepts like How the HTML & CSS are designed on freecodecamp.

I just only want to give a small suggestion.

Thank you team @freeCodeCamp always for your curriculum.

That is already being worked on with the new project based curriculum.

That is what I mentioned here in my earlier reply

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Yeah sure !!

Thank You .

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