Facing problems during making my own project

I already learned HTML and CSS but when trying doing a website formed of many paged, i faced some problems.
First, my project is formed of many pages and i am asking what i should do with the header, footer and navigation or side bar?
- should i copy them from index.html to other paged in the folders and sub-folders [but i
have a problem with this solution that when i want to change any thing in the header, i will
have to change it in all pages]
- then i thought of making an iframe element in the body of index.html and gave it name attribute and then targeting this iframe through its name attribute with all links in the nav bar but i
faced a problem [when i reload the page the contents are lost]
Second problem, how i can handle css, should i link all pages to one css file or i should make a separate css file for each page in each folder.

So this has been a problem discovered early in the history of the internet and web pages.
I wonder if you had any thoughts about your questions?

You may not of heard about the term CMS (Content Management System). Many of these exist and their purpose solves the first problem you discuss.
There are also many different ways to solve this problem, but in general terms they do the same thing: Have some dynamically generated content depending on what page the user is visiting.

Regarding CSS, you should read more into the history of CSS if you are asking this question!

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