Failing test for Pomodoro clock but I can't see why?

I’ve been going back to make sure the front-end framework projects I did for FCC pass the tests (I just did most of them ad-hoc) and I’m stuck on the Pomodoro clock. Test 8 keeps failing:
## 8. I can see an element with corresponding id=“time-left”. NOTE: Paused or running, the value in this field should always be displayed in mm:ss format (i.e. 25:00).

Timeout of 2000ms exceeded. For async tests and hooks, ensure “done()” is called; if returning a Promise, ensure it resolves. FCC_Global</</<[33]</</p.prototype._timeoutError@ l@ FCC_Global</</<[33]</</</<@
BUT…when I watch my page at work, the condition is met. The id is there. The clock shows as 25:01 or 04:33 running or paused.
The corresponding code is
{${minutesLeft .toString() .padStart(2, "0")}:${seconds.toString().padStart(2, "0")}}

minutesLeft and secondsLeft are both integers passed in on the props object from above (I’m using React).

Any ideas on what could be wrong? Larger code context is here:

Thank you!