Pomodoro clock help 5

I need help passing one of the test?

I can see an element with corresponding id="time-left". NOTE: Paused or running, the value in this field should always be displayed in mm:ss format (i.e. 25:00).

I typed all the codes in correctly but still not passing.
Here is a link to my project:


Your code looks very similar to https://gist.github.com/benjaminadk/cd3c2d1721a9c39f53afd4264bcf6a68, which isn’t the solution to the problem.

I’d probably start from scratch with a welcome section and then go from there. .

I didn’t copy the code. Benjamin had a youtube tutorial on how to build a pomodoro clock, I was just following along with him when he was coding thats all i wasnt trying to cheat i was trying to learn. I hate to put this out there i don’t want people looking at me different but, Im autistic i learn a little differently from others. Im more of a visual learner. I struggle comprehending certain stuff.