Fairly new to coding saying hi

I have been wondering where to start really. Also looking to maybe help others and learn with others aswell… any one? For JAVA i think im trying to develop for android mobile

Here’s some beginner friendly Java courses:


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Hello and welcome.

Firstly, ask yourself what you want to focus on first, and really think about it! This is what held me back for a long time, I was trying to learn too much. I wanted to focus on web dev as well as network security and I just think I burnt myself out. If you think you want to focus on Android development, then Java is definitely the right choice.

What level are you at at the moment? If I were you, I would get some basic knowledge built up of HTML/CSS firstly before I started anything. It is a foundation, that yes you might not need for mobile development, but it will really help you along your journey.

One of the best learning resources without question is Udemy. Find the right course on there are you are absolutely on your way! It is a valuable thing to have one resource that takes you through from basics right up to more intermediate stuff without having to chop and change over courses and losing yourself.

There are plenty of great communities to help get you started as well and you can pick peoples brains. Instagram for me is the most valuable, however there are forums all over the web with very knowledgable people!

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Awsome! I would like to create something with like a calculator only have it to add or subtract as I wish only with code and present results kinda thing somewhat like a calculator per say. So how to make things add or subtract in only my first attempt if you will any suggestions on what i may be looking for specificly… thanks also im using android studio