Favorite Browser Code Editor/Sandbox: CodePad

This is my favorite code editor sandbox playground that I’ve use to solve the FCC algorithms and script out many functions as I’ve been building projects. It lets you write and run a variety of languages in your browser, including JavaScript of course. It’s designed for remote interviews, but serves the purpose of practice very well.

Anyway, it looks like they have just updated their UI and it looks great!

I usually fire up Codepen with the console to hack away at little ideas, but Codepad seems to present a little less friction before getting started. Thanks for sharing!

@bonham000, I have built a code editor for web projects, it is called Habemus. It has live HTML and CSS inspecting and live preview. You can even debug code on the mobile. Could you give it a try and let me know what you think about it? Thanks!

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@simonfan this looks really excellent! I’m playing around with the editor some right now, this is a very impressive project. Nice work!

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The most amazing browser code editor I have seen is alm only for typescript, however.

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