I'm officially quitting code pen for codesandbox, i can't

:tired_face:, i have tolerated codepen enough now, … most youtube webdev tutorials use vscode, and the experience between vscode and codepen are like night and day.

https://codesandbox.io is the future!

What have been the main pain points for you on codepen, and how does codesandbox do things differently?

I don’t use sandboxes particularly heavily, but I’ve always thought that they were all pretty equivalent for my use cases.

With codesandbox, its like i’m using vscode in the cloud; i can

  • Create files and folders unlimited
  • Install npm modules
  • detach the preview pane
  • don’t need a pro account to create projects
  • i can pull projects from git
  • various templates for CRA, Node.js, Gatsby, etc …

they are just un-comparable


Okay have fun with it :3

I would love for FCC to migrate off of codepen. In every other code sandbox out there, you can write <head> tags, but codepen makes you go through their clunky UI that hides all that info from plain view. Its editor is primitive, the window layout is cramped and not customizable, and it’s hardwired to a single html file (which again can’t even contain certain tags) and a single JS and CSS window.

Wouldn’t happen overnight, but the curriculum is being redone anyway…

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My general rule is to use codepen for strict CSS/HTML projects where all I care about is modeling and styling.

But for actual frontend project sandboxing I use either jsbin, codesandbox or JSitor.