FCC Advanced Node and Express Challenges not passing tests

Hey all,

Looks like i can’t get any of the Advanced Node and Express challenges to pass. I added pug as dependancy and get pug to render the view. Page updates to "Looks like this page is being rendered from Pug into HTML! " but none of the challenges pass. Answers submitted via glitch, maybe there is something wrong with my code? https://glitch.com/edit/#!/uncovered-chatter.

Same problem here! I think it’s a bug.

Just wrote something in the Contributors chat room to let them know.

I opened a github issue here: https://github.com/freeCodeCamp/freeCodeCamp/issues/17618

Add this code to the top of your server.js file and try the tests again:

const cors = require('cors');

Please let me know if it works!

Credit to hasnass for the info: Advanced Node and Express Challenges - missing stuff

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I’ve added

const cors = require('cors');

But am not passing “Advanced Node and Express - Use a Template Engine’s Powers”.

I looked at the test source

It appears that it is only looking for “Please login” as the pug-variable.

assert.match(data, /pug-variable("|’)>Please login/gi

That is rendering for me, but the test is not passing. Any suggestions?

Here is my glitch project: https://glitch.com/~courageous-hole

Thank you!