FCC Backend People: Give me thoughts on my Node+Express+MongoDB+React tutorial (a modern update to ClementineJS)

Hello, I’m an FCC grad and a software engineer.

When I did the FCC backend cert one of the most useful things to get me started doing fullstack JS was ClementineJS. The only problem with it is that it’s 2 years out of date and a bunch of the choices s/he made are now unnecessarily complex.

So I have started working on an update to ClementineJS called SunburstJS (Don’t try this yet, I’ve only just started messing around with it). The goal would be to show how to put together a modern fullstack webapp, ASSUMING you already know the basic frontend and React stuff. Unlike ClementineJS I would use “modern” choices like create-react-app, and the mongoose ORM, and also show how to deploy to Heroku. I would also show how to integrate PassportJS for authentication.

If you’ve already completed your frontend/React lessons, would you be interested in something like this? What else would you be interested in knowing?

Instead of writing a whole lot of text, I’m also thinking to make it a Twitch Stream so that I can show myself making mistakes while I do this thing, and also let people see more details of what I’m doing (I find some of the most frustrating things in tutorials is when people leave out key info because they assume you know it… but i dont know what you know). I would then repost this Twitch Stream to Youtube for future people to check out as part of the SunburstJS tutorial.

Any interest? Also keen to hear other ideas on how this could be done. I reckon I have 10-20 hours to do this over the next 2 weeks before I start work. Would be a fun project for me if its useful to you.

I don’t exactly know what ClementineJS does, but coming from a Ruby on Rails background, where a lot of choices, conventions and configuration were done for you, I find extremely useful a project like the one you describe where you could start developing without having to care about putting all the tools together, which is a pain in the JS environment as far as i see. Consequently, a deep tutorial on how to use it would be a key for people to give it a try.

ok thats good to know (trying to understand my target audience). if you’re an experienced developer i actually recommend Cory House’s courses on Pluralsight. they bring you through the key decision points in very exhaustive manner. :slight_smile: