SunburstJS: Seeking A Mentee


I have decided to do my SunburstJS tutorial as a Google Hangouts chat. Basically I will teach one person all the way from setting up your React App to adding a Node+Express+Mongo backend to adding Authentication (PassportJS). I think this should take about five 1-hr sessions over the next two weeks. This session will be recorded so that other FCC people might benefit. I need one person to help me out and ask the questions that I don’t even know I need to answer.

Basic requirements are:

  • Should know basic HTML/CSS/JS/React (so if you have finished the Frontend and Dataviz certs you are good)
  • fluent conversational English
  • bonus if you have already done the backend API/microservice projects.

If you are interested, please DM me and we will set up a google hangout. I will work with you to get a timing we can both do. Thank you for your interest!

edit: in case theres any doubt - yes this is totally free. just tryin to give back in a way that works for me.

edit 1: our first video is here!

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Sounds good and will follow as im sure to learn from this.
Will throw my name in the hat for being the mentee … havent worked with Clementine.js … doing React at the moment and using create-react-app … only way i could find to get react up and running … Have done the markup previewer in it but havent done anything connected to a server with react yet.
Have done the voting app with express mongoose and passport and no frame work … have also done the voting app with Vue using nuxt,js connected to backend with express mongoose and passport.
While the voting-app with no framework is up on Heroku … I havent got around to putting the vue with nuxt version up … it just runs on localhost at the moment as I went straight into learning about React.
will dm you and you can take it from there … and good luck to who you choose should be a good experience

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Hi @sw-yx, you might be interested in checking out, it’s a mentor/mentee pair site built by campers! :rocket:

wow, this app looks beautiful. i had a bit of confusion at this signup :joy: apparently Javascript is not a language


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site seems to be buggy. i filled out my profile but it doesnt let me contact pple

This sounds really awesome. I’ve been looking for good, up-to-date tutorials on exactly this topic. I’m excited to see what you put together!

I’m also having problems with the site. I tried to sign up for the site. When I went to validate my email, it won’t let me sign in. I just get a message that says ‘An Unknown Login Error’ occurred.

@jv88899 do you fit my criteria? what’s your availability like? DM me if you wanna do this. im also speaking with JohnL3 but i know things fall thru

How to i DM you? I just signed up to this site.

do i need to know the basic for all or just one program you mentioned? HTML, CSS, JS, React.

I am determined to learn to program again and I am desperate to find someone to help me.


there’s a little envelope thingy at the top right for DMming:


yes you do need to be comfortable with HTML, CSS, JS, and React or we wouldn’t get very far.

If you need someone to help you through the more basic levels can I suggest going on the FCC gitter:

aw shuck, I hope our path will cross in the future. Thank you.

@tam16717 - The forum here can provide the same level of help as the FCC gitter channel.

to anyone following along… @johnl3 and i had an initial call today and i tried to record it but failed horribly because i am a noob at these things… we should start recording our lessons in the next couple days and i will post them up here. in case you want to skip to the end, this is the repo i will be working with:

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I have crossposted this to and Reddit. I hope pple dont chew me out for it, Reddit can get rough.

@sw-yx I’m not looking to be a mentee, but as an alternative method for your tutorial, have you looked at Scrimba interactive coding screencasts? I’m not affiliated with Scrimba, but I watched a CSS Grid tutorial that Per (at put together. It is a pretty slick system.

Good luck & cheers

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i havent but i’ll check it out. its probably more involved than i want it to be since im just looking to record a bunch of videos for future learners to check out haha

edit: checked it out - looks like its only for frontend coding as theres no ability to run a server. bummer :frowning: the tech looked super cool

Hey future people who might find this - our first video is here! We go over setting up and deploying Create-React-App with a Node/Express backend, all in <40mins! You get to see all my screwups along the way lol.

second video here! we start from where we left off and add a MongoDB database!

Alright so John and I are going to do this crazy experiment and you are invited! here is the link to the livestream happening in an hour or so it’ll convert to a video in case you miss it. i hope i dont screw this up.

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Hello! so we are done recording and here’s the video!

In this session John and I will go over setting up and deploying Create-React-App with a Node/Express backend. We will assume you already know basic HTML/CSS/JS/React.