I would like to find a mentor

I 23 and I am “online-studying” to be a fullstack developer. I just started and It would be great to have someone to maybe ask some questions and let me know what is most important to learn etc. I put in no less than 4 hours a day and if im not working then i study all day. Sorry if this isn’t cool to post here.

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Hey there maybe I can help,

I’d like to know more about your location and more about you, would be better by mp.

Yeah so I’m 23. My plan is to start with front end stuff (Javascript, HTML, CSS). Then I want to learn a server side language like python or some type of C. I also don’t know everything Javascript is best at besides website functionality, as in what else can I do with it. My next step was starting some of my own smaller projects to get the hang of it. Are you pretty experienced? Thanks for emailing me btw. Super cool of you. Im really looking for someone to take me under their wing and answer my dumb day to day questions.

4 hours a day will get you far! Do you have meetup.com in your area? My area has lots of meetups for tech, and the people that go to them tend to be very helpful!

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I forward what @CactusWren2020 said about meetup, meeting people will help you and get you confident with your learning.
I’m not “pretty experienced” but as many people here, I learnt with the community and I currently have a hireable status so I can help you kickstart but, if you need someone more experienced and already in the field I’d understand.
You can get an insight of my work on my github.
For the beginning I would recommend using freecodecamp curriculum and be active on this forum to interact with others :grin: