Looking for mentor in programming

Hi everyone, I am looking for a mentor here in the Oklahoma City area. Just someone I can discuss programming with and get to know. I am really close to finishing the first certification and then I’m off to Javascript.

If there is anyone out there interested in showing me the ropes or even helping me network, that would be wonderful.

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Why do you think a mentor would help you?

How much time do you want to spend with the mentor?

What are your goals?

I’m asking because in my experience, most students do not commit time or quickly lose interest. Therefore they are wasting 2 peoples time.

Quite honestly, after looking into more research, google is the best mentor I can have. lol

However, just having someone who has a solid background in programming to help give me pointers with my coding, how I could improve its readability, or even give different dynamics that I wouldn’t normally see would be awesome. Plus, it would also help to just have that one person to talk to about different subjects about programming and different ideas.

  1. My short term goal is to start applying for Junior front end dev jobs in the summer.

  2. My long term goal is to become a full stack web developer but I would like to work in data science.

I am not like most students. I am probably one of the hardest workers in the room-- and I’m not just saying that to sound good but it’s honestly how I view any task. So yes, I want this career just as bad as the next guy, but I am willing to do whatever it takes to get that job or even create my own software someday.

I appreciate you asking those questions though and getting back with me!


Hit me up on gitter any time you have a query. (same username)

Thank you- I appreciate that more than you know.