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Hello everyone,

I am a recent grad at a coding bootcamp and looking to mentor a few people. I know how costly it is to attend bootcamps and I wanted to extend my service to give back to the community. My skills are in full stack python (django, flask, mySQL) and javascript (angular, react, express, node, mongoDB). I’m still learning myself, but I could give you sufficient materials and homework to become a better developer. Shoot me a message with a summary on why you would be a good candidate. I will choose based on most passion and driven to learn.

If you want to mentor people, why not help out here by answering campers’ questions? You can guide them with hints or demos to help them better understand any concepts or code errors they may have. It will reinforce your understanding of core concepts by being able to explain difficult ideas in simple terms.


Wow that’s awesome. Do you guys have some tutorial online or kind of document?

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Hi! If the topic is still relevant, I’m looking for a mentor in JavaScript, I’m a complete newbee, but I need someone to ask questions and to keep on being motivated, because there’s so much information, it’s hard sometimes to believe that one day I’ll be able to code well, but I’m trying hard) When I get better at coding I can code something for you for free if you need.


That’s sort of the point of the forums here, and of the unofficial Discord group, as well as local area meetups all over the place related to FCC.

But these very forums are the starting point. The conversations and questions usually start here. Ask away, you’ll find we’re all gonna pitch in to see you succeed!

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