Oh i love coding but mentorship would be great now for me

well since i started coding a month ago, it has seemed to be clearly the hardest task i have ever tried taking on since my existence on this planet, i give so much hours to coding but it just feels so so extremely difficult for me to get a grasp of whatever i try to learn.
i have received advice to get a mentor and that is why i am writing this today. look i love coding guys, i give 10 hours everyday and since i started. after learning HTML basic i moved onto javascript and ever since, my brain cells has been vibrating sporadically its like i really want to learn it all, i easily get lost while trying to understand but yea i relish the challenge and would like to have a mentor to take me to another level .
thank you guys.

You can try a website like:
But, the cost you.
Or you can join discord group and while it’s not excatly a mentor the other members might help you stay motivated

Hi @chillz

There are plenty of platforms out there, free as paid ones

I also offer mentorship, let’s me know if I can help you.


I love how things come together here:

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