Become my master(mentor)

rightnow i dont have any money but i am going to be rich one day .i am learning web because i have passion for my business idea so is there some one to mentor me in my coding journey when i have enough money i am going to give you that much so you have never need to work for some one

Lissen we cannot learn anything for you. You have to do that by yourself. The best way for you to learn is to become an active learner engage with other people on the forums Google when you are stuk. Watch a YouTube video on your own related to something you are struggeling with. And if you have questions try to find and search the answere on your own still no can do. Then post to the forum and we will try and help you.

Only a motivation can help in this situation. You need to looking for webmates in real life, and making exercise and projects together. It will help you


I would like to help you with coding on my free time. And I don’t need your money :stuck_out_tongue:
you can contact me on skype (b.sanjaasuren06)