Looking for a Freelancing Mentor


I am currently looking into freelancing and have some questions about it. I would like to try and find someone who is open to a possible mentorship because I think I will still have many more questions if and/or when I actually because a freelancer.

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Hey @Hello_Forum!

These articles might help you with breaking into freelancing.


Thank you, I will certainly check them out :slight_smile:

I certainly think that even if you don’t have a mentor, the forums will help you all the time. And there is a site I go to, and would recommend you to too, called mikkegoes.com .

Yes, and the forum has been a great help, and they have answered some of my questions already so I didn’t have to ask them again, but sometimes I feel like I need a constant source that I could talk to and bounce some ideas off of. Also there are things that I probably shouldn’t ask on the forum like: how much do you charge? How do you collect payments? I keep on seeing that people on YouTube recommend Webflow, should I learn that as well? What did you need to start your business? If it is a llc, can you tell me about that process? And the list goes on (lol).

I will also check out the site that you have recommended

For the money questions, you could ask those on the forum.
A lot of the money questions are also covered in the Complete Freelance web developer Guide.

Also, it is the weekend which tends be a little slower than weekdays.
So you might end up getting more responses during the week.

True, I was thinking of that, but I also thought because it’s the weekend more people might be on as well

I don’t know if you’re going to have much luck finding a “freelance mentor” - you are asking them to take time away from their business, their income, to help you start yours.

I do however think that if you ask simple and specific questions, you can get some good answers. I also think that you’re just going to have to get your feet wet and make some mistakes - I don’t think there is a fixed path.

I might suggest that the easiest way to start is going onto sites like upwork and fiver.

It’s looking like getting my feet wet is usually the only way, but things like how much do you charge has still eluded me. I have checked out upworks, and maybe fiver, and it seems to have a huge barrier of entry for new comers.

Right, but you can see how much people bid. And on those sites you may end up making less than you should (especially in the beginning) but you get some experience.

There’s no set formula. You estimate how long you think it will take and multiply that by how much you think your time is worth.

I can help you out. Please drop me an email at [email redacted]

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One other thing - watch out for scams in freelance work. One common one is for someone to try to team up with you, where they do the work through your account, giving you a cut. They just want access to your account.


Thanks for the advice (and thanks for looking out for me). I wouldn’t let anyone use my account, I’m a little too paranoid to trust someone with that (lol), but I also want to do the work myself because I want/need the experience. I’m doing this more for the experience than the money right now. I am also seeing if I’m at the point where I can do it and try to expand my services over time.

(The truth is I may be nowhere near the point that I am ready for freelance work and I just don’t know it yet, lol, especially since I’m only to the d3 api section of FCC) I would at least like to know stuff like what programs and services I will have to have outside of the web development programs like VS Code.

That has been what I have been trying to figure out. The numbers are all over the place. People on there change anywhere from $15 an hour to $135 an hour. I know that there is different experience levels in play, but I don’t really see any consistency within the same experience level. Also, I don’t know where my services end and someone else’s to begin. I know that gets worked out in the contract, I just don’t know what’s standard practice.


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Thank you everyone who helped me in this post. I have read articles, done some research and have come to the conclusion that I am not quite yet ready to open shop. I still have some things to learn about coding and get myself prepared before I think of going the freelancing route. There are still a few things that are unknown, like how far into Free Code Camp that I actually have to be to write the websites I want to design, but I think I will know at some point in this journey.

Once again, thank for all your help :slight_smile:

I think once you get through the first 3 modules, you are at least employable for frontend work, assuming you get the right problem that matches your skillset. I’d probably want some work beyond that though.