What are good places to find a mentor?

I feel like I could use the help of a mentor. Is it too early in my learning to get one? My goal is to hopefully find someone with industry experience that can be a guide or even a counselor/friend in my journey to becoming a professional web developer. Not that what I’m asking for isn’t valuable but I can’t really pay a mentor right now.

I’m trying to find a mentor online. Because of family commitments I can’t really get to meetups the way I’d like to so I miss those networking opportunities (on top of missing out on all that free beer and pizza). I looked for a mentor at Reddit r/mentors but haven’t found one there yet. Any other suggestions? I also looked at mentorcruise and iConnectX but they don’t seem to be what I’m looking for.

I don’t have a job that has anything close to this type of mentorship available.

From a guy who does go to those Meetups, especially my city’s FCC meetup, that’s exactly how they were explained to me. The whole purpose is mentorship. I don’t know how online mentorship would even work. My two cents is that the harsh truth is without sacrifice, you’re not going to get what you want.

@DZamora54 Sorry, for the bad news. But, you wont find one for free. But, you will find collegues who will support you and meetups and so on. A new type of social media launching in march includes coders. Check it out, maybe some one will mentor you but, wait for another 6 weeks.