Looking for a Coding Partner / Friend - JS

Hello guys ! I am looking for someone for some mentoring. It would be great if there is a person with good JS knowledge who could go with me through some complex real world challenges I am needing to solve for an app. I am sure we could share some knowledge as I am working with several technologies and maybe I could help also with HTML, CSS, React, PHP, but also management, career advice’s or many more.

Usually mentors require payment, as it takes up a lot of their free time.

Honestly, just using discord communities is a good enough replacement for a mentor, plus you don’t need to pay anything. You’ll also make connections with people if you remain active within these communities, which is better than mentoring.

The Coding Den is a great community to join if you’re not in there already.


There is also the freeCodeCamp forums and chat.

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I understand your point and you are right with the fact that mentoring is generally paid. But for 15 to 30$ the 15mins its obviously not an economic solution. My point is not having someone working for me, but maybe go through my code and help me get the logic, it could be the same 15mins or 30mins thats it. And I think that it could be an opportunity to share. Maybe someone wishes to become a mentor and wants to try it before. Not everyone can be a mentor, explain things correctly etc… And finally as I said I am not a beginner and I am sure I could also share some knowledge. Obviously you are not interested with that but do not discourage someone else please.

I wasn’t discouraging you in the slightest. I just mentioned that what you’re looking for, is more of a partner/friend to code with, than a mentor.

No harm was intended. I apologize if it came off that way.


Hey no worries, it was just a bit discouraging for me as it was the first reply to my post :slight_smile:
But sure if we should call this a partner, coding friend lets change the name it maybe makes more sense.



your best bet is to interact with people, maybe even on our chat platforms (Rocket, Discord), or other programming focused channels, and when it’s possible again, go to meetups, and conferences, and interact with people, and talk to them about your projects and the difficulties you are facing
a mentorship, like a friendship, can develop organically, there are people that like to help and gravitate to people that need help

but even those people are not much attracted with just a “I need someone to dedicate their time to me”

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