Looking for a Programming Partner

Hello Everyone, hope all of you are fine. I am sorry for my English in Advance. I am looking for a programming partner to learn and create along with. I know basic HTML, CSS and JS and am quite experienced with Python and C++. Although my final goal is to get a good job(by the end of 2021) but currently I am looking more to enjoy learning while creating new projects. My college studies have been putting me under some stress lately and I don’t have any friend who also does this so I am not able to give my best in learning Web Dev. Therefore, I am looking for someone to pair up with so I can be more consistent and productive in less time that I have. (I also do a little bit of competitive programming). So, anyone interested please reply. (Your location won’t be a big problem for me so you are welcome independent of your location).
Good Luck, Happy Coding and Stay safe.


I was just saying the same thing

PM me. I’m a dev with 3+ years of experience. I have a bit of spare time and looking to improve my English by speaking and mentoring others.

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Hey Guys!
I’m looking for programming partner too!
I’m also a native English speaker!
I’d love to connect, make some new friends, and learn from each other. Learning together is so much better than going it alone!

I’d love to****

PM me for a link to a club chat room. I won’t post it here because I think that’s frowned on. Send me a message if you’d like a link. It’s just me in the group at the moment. I’m hanging out on the chat while I’m learning and working on my programming projects.

Cheers to making to new friends! :tropical_drink:

freeCodeCamp actually has a chat room:

That’s awesome! When I was a kid I used to chat on IRC and met some really awesome, knowledgeable and helpful people there! It’s awesome that codecamp hosts a community chat server!!!

Rocket Chat has desktop and mobile apps too for mac, linux, windows, IOS and android! Very cool! Rocket.Chat · GitHub

Thanks @JeremyLT for the info!!!

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