Free mentorship for coders just starting out

Hey guys,

When I first started coding I was always looking for someone to give me insight on how to start a new app or website. Instead, I would spend ages combing through the internet until I got enough information to begin. I want to give back in some form, so if anyone is interested I’m happy to give free mentorship to any beginners in the coding space.

My background to help those see what I can give back:

  • Worked in software since 2017
  • co-founded a tech startup (was the CTO)
  • Built AR, VR, and web apps
  • Comfortable with C#, js, and ok in python
  • Worked with react, redux, jQuery, node.js, express.js, firebase, unity, mongoDB, heroku

I may not have the answers to everything but I’m more than happy to help direct you on how to start. I’ll check this thread and via DMs (so as to keep what you’re asking private if you want). No question is a stupid one!

Reply here as well if this interests anyone

Hope this post is ok, thanks

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It’s awesome that you want to help and mentor others. I really encourage you to do so here in the forum rather than in private conversations, so that others can benefit from the conversations. Here at freeCodeCamp, we’re big believers in learning in public. This forum indexes well on Google, so new students often benefit from topics years after the original question was asked. (And, of course, it helps protect our users because forum threads can be more easily moderated.)

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Yep, we had a big thread with public mentoring late last year and it was a huge success. I always recommend doing things is the open where everyone can learn!

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Thanks guys, of course anyone can ask questions here as well! Just wanted some sort of option if people feel a bit shy about their questions. Totally understand though