Are you interested in having a mentor and work in a team of peers?

Hi there!

I’m thinking of starting a free of charge mentorship program for people new to JS. I’m planning to form a group of 5 people with whom we can go through the freeCodeCamp JS curriculum from the beginning.

Important! Mentorship doesn’t mean that I will solve the curriculum challenges for you, but I will help you when you stuck or need a piece of advice. Also, you will have to communicate in a team with other participants. It will help you to practice your communication skills because it is one of the most crucial soft skills you have to master.

Who I am.

I’m a self-taught web developer. I work for one of the European leaders in the public cloud in the design department. I mostly do frontend with JS/Typescript and React ecosystem because of my design background(UI/UX), but I also have expertise in backend technologies like Node, GraphQL, and Serverless.

Why freeCodeCamp?

I started my studies at the end of 2015 here, on freeCodeCamp. I will always be grateful that freeCodeCamp and its community helped me to become a developer.

Why mentorship?

I have no doubts that you can learn independently and become a developer. But sometimes you have questions and thoughts that you don’t want to share with the community, for example, because of your personality. And in the end, you will end up with a lot of gaps in your knowledge. I went through this path and it took a lot of time and effort to manage it. So my goal here is to help people to transition into developers more smoothly and be a better developer.

Is it a one-time thing with only one group?

Well, it will be a pilot group, so I don’t know yet. If there will be a lot of interest from different people and backgrounds - we can organize more groups, but we will need volunteers to mentor them.

How to participate?

If you want to participate, reply to this thread describe your Javascript level, current curriculum stage and why you learn to code.

Do you want to keep an eye on the pilot group and the progress of the initiative?

I was thinking to create email newsfeed or RSS feed about first group progress and challenges/solutions we have. Also, I think it would be beneficial to create a Slack/Discord channel and invite all of you who is interested.

Will you be interested and how it all sounds?

Thank you!


Thanks a lot for the opportunity, I am so interested and is my email

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Hello. This is what I have been looking for. I am Olusanya Michael. I have finished all the basics of HTML, CSS and Javascript on Freecodecamp. I have also gone through the 3 hrs training on Freecodecamp YouTube.

I am planning to start over with the web tutorials again. I hope I can get your mentorship.

Thanks in advance.


Hello! I’m very interested in this opportunity. I have two years of experience programming in C++ from college. I became very interested in web dev but have no experience with JS or libraries such as react. I’d love to get starter.

Thank you!

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I will be really helpful to me if I get just opportunity. I never want to miss such opportunity. I know javascript but I want to clear my core concepts.
Please let me know how I can get you mentorship.
Basant Patidar

yes please

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Welcome to our community, @Thurssaday!, @LadPaul, and @micholusanya!

@sherbakov1, don’t you think you should get a group of mentors first, then assign to them five students each because a ton of beginners will come and ask you to help them and then you won’t know which one to pick or you will get overwhelmed. I’m not saying you should if you don’t want to, but that’s just a suggestion.


Hi, I would love to join. I know some basic JavaScript.
Thanks in adavance.

Hello Sir, I’m interested sir. I have a very little idea of JavaScript before I joined FCC. But now I start my FCC tutorial at the very first beginning.

I’m currently doing my responsive web design project.

Hello @ConnerOw1115,

I understand your concern, but I’ve tried to cover this case in the first post:

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Hie sherbakov1. That’s a brilliant idea, team work really comes handy in developing and speeding up learning processes. I would love to be part of the group. I’m currently finishing up my CSS stage with FreeCode and I did a bit of studying web development in the past using materials from an online course called

Hi, I am at beginner phase I am still at the foundations stages of javascript at freecode camp, I want to learn code because next year I am going to varsity to study computer science and mathematics . I am very interested please add me to your team of students

Oh, okay. I didn’t see that. I read kind of fast… and don’t take in all the info.

Hi @sherbakov1! If there are any spots left, I would love to join the group. I have a little experience with Javascript, but mostly tweaking codes others have made (in previous Wordpress projects, etc.). I have completed all of the FCC Responsive Web Design challenges and recently started the basic JS section while I finish up the Web certification projects.

A little about me…

I am not currently working and my main priority right now is learning development. I am taking CS50’s intro to CS to get a balanced, basic foundation of computer science and languages, in general. I started making webpages in HTML in the mid-90s, but after high school, I went into other lines of work and want to get back into the industry! I have made a few web projects for myself and for others.

My email is [removed by moderator] (pie9#0802 on Discord, I believe, which I’m getting more familiar with :wink: ).

Sorry to intrude in the conversation, but I was wondering why this specific email has been removed by the moderators.

That would be something between the moderators and the poster.

@simonebogni I’m not sure, either. My best guess is that it doesn’t match the email I signed up with in these forums. I decided to use a different Gmail account for all my coding stuff, but hadn’t updated it here. Oops!

I am interested in serving as a mentor. I have intermediate to advanced skills in JavaScript. If anyone is interested hit me up.


Hello sherbakov1!

thank you for your initiative!
It will be extremely helpfull in order to help people like me, who often get stuck for a few days…
I would like to participate, I am at a beginning level of learning Javascript, you can see my progress here:

I dont know if its possible to create a chat group inside freecodecamp, however using discord, slack or skype seems very helpful.

I would like to be notified…

Thank you!

For those users posting email addresses, it is highly recommended to not do this, as you SPAM bots troll the forum looking for email addresses.

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