Looking for a Mentor :)

Hey guys! I’m currently looking for a mentor who can guide me onto the correct path to become a fullstack developer. A little bit about me - I don’t have a tech background. I have a degree in Maths with Finance and did dabble in a bit of coding at Uni, and I’ve recently left my job so I can solely focus on pursuing a career in tech. I’ve been making a lot of job applications, but unfortunately companies don’t take me seriously due to my background. The majority of entry level jobs or internships require candidates to have a lot of experience, which is what I’m currently trying to get but no company is willing to give. So this is why I’m looking for a mentor who can guide me the right way. It’s going to be a long road ahead for me but I’m willing to put in the work and would really appreciate the help :slight_smile:


Trying the same. I probably won’t do as a mentor as I’m still learning (tough I have C knowledge) but I’m starting the courses and would like to ‘buddy up’ to have regular check in and progress catch ups.

Let me know if this is something you would like too!

On this forum you have a community of thousands of people who are here for you when you have questions, need help, want advice, or just need to talk something through.


Hey. I have been there. I went from a non tech background and now I have been working as a developper for a few years. You can contact me if you have questions.


Sounds good to me! Although i will say I’m a complete beginner and haven’t started the course yet. Would love to buddy up though :slight_smile:

That’s amazing! I have a tonne of questions to ask as I’m getting nowhere in terms of jobs/ internships/ even work experience. Would really appreciate the help :slight_smile:

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Awesome. I’m starting to take some notes and create notes with commands and what they do, so that later I can refer back to them. Having experience in C, one will never remember these things, but as long as we know they exist and what can be done, it is easy enough to look them up, when needed.

I’m chatting with another member here, maybe we could all set something like a weekly skype or a end of day resume of what we did, so we all know where we stand. For now, I will go through the exercises, maybe Ill start writing a summary on my blog.

PS: Are you looking for front end, back end or any combination of the two?

That’s great. I’m going to go through the curriculum as I haven’t started yet. Since you have C knowledge you’re the pro at this and I have a lot to learn. I’m looking into a combination of both front end and back end.