FCC Certificate Django For Everybody?

The Django For Everybody website indicates an FCC certificate for DJ4e Python framework course. The FCC link just points to Dr. Chuck’s YT course video.
Is there a certificate for DJ4e available through FCC or does course need to be completed through site such as Coursera?

I have not heard of this or heard for plans of this (though I may be out of the loop).

Do you have a link to the site claiming this?

OK, I see it now, here.

I’m not sure what it is saying, when it says, “You can take this course and receive a certificate at:”

Is it saying that you can take the course AND get the certificate at each thing listed? Or is it saying that you can take the course at each thing listed AND THEN be entitled to get a certificate, but maybe somewhere else.

I suspect it is the latter. It also says:

We use the free PythonAnywhere hosting environment to deploy and test our Django projects and applications. You can keep using this hosting environent to develop and deploy your Django applications after you complete the course.

That makes it sound to me like you are just using the video to learn the info and then are doing the actual work on that platform, presumably getting the cert through Dj4e when you’re done.

I don’t know why FCC would offer Dj4e certificates - we offer FCC certificates and don’t teach Django. I don’t know if Dj4e is just linking to an available copy of that video or if they have some relationship with FCC. Maybe someone more in the know can pipe in.

I would send Dj4e a note and ask them to clarify and make their site more clear. You can also point out that they misspelled “Michigan” and “environment” on that page.

Thanks for the feedback.
You are correct that the dj4e website takes you directly to the YT course, with no linkage to FCC. I have been watching the video course and completing lessons through the dj4e website.

I started dj4e as a diversion while I’m pursuing FCC ML certification; django seemed to be ranked as prevalent full stack framework and exercises allowed me to use python regularly.

As not affiliated with U Michigan, I created this thread primarily as discussions within dj4e not monitored and couldn’t find a way to contact instructor. Likely gated to prevent instructor overload from combined U Mich and students taking courses on the other learning platforms.
There is also a ‘disclaimer’ about some courses being generated solo by the instructor. Support may be limited for non-subscription students.

Unfortunately, I have found several issues (broken, missing) with quizzes and auto-graders, most previously reported by others. Unluckily, I found the severe obstacles 75% through course and may prevent full completion.

Yeah, that is not uncommon. There is a lot of garbage out there. And there are a lot of people trying to generate clicks by blindly aggregating stuff.

And there is also the difficulty that things keep changing. I had tutorials that I started that I couldn’t finish because they would tell you to install some package, not realizing that by the time I was trying, that package was three versions later and they hadn’t told me what version they were using. Sometimes they had a repo where I could figure it out. Or I could look through the comments for a work around. Or sometimes they didn’t realize that something was working for them because of some global install that I didn’t have.

I think you just have to try a bunch of different things. Some of them will work and some won’t. You just keep trying different curricula and keep trying to build things.

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