Glitch App - Save FCC Certificate as Image or PDF (feedback)

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Hi everyone, I built a glitch app that enables you to save your freecodecamp certificates as an image or a pdf.
Any feedback is welcome and especially if anyone has any ideas or notices bug.

It also validates whether the cert exits and is valid, so you cant try to print a cert you dont have.
Love to hear your feedback, Thanks…


That’s a cool idea! I just downloaded my certificates! :smiley:

Good job, man!

Hey there! I read that you completed all 6 certificates and got a full stack over 18 months. How long did it take you? How many hours did you contribute? Did you get a job from it? What kind of understandings and thought processes did it bring?

hey @slouischarles , yeah so, freeCodeCamp was/is my rock, I wouldnt have either the confidence or knowledge I have now if it wasnt for this course. Really I think it took 18 - 24 months, and Im still learning now, haha. But in this industry continual learning is a given. Currently doing a diploma in software development but its mainly focused on python, rather than JavaScript (which I still prefer). The course is aimed to take a beginner to intermediate but with the skills I’ve learned here on the freeCodeCamp course I haven’t found a single thing challenging. Doing the freeCodeCamp curriculum enabled me to think logically and the projects they have are so varied that they will challenge you to solve problems (which is a skill you need). Just trying to get some extra paper to my name for applying for work as I’ve no degrees etc… but my portfolio is full already from FCC. Even though the course Im on at the minute is a paid course, it still holds absolutley nothing on FCC’s.

Dont let the time frame put you off, Im actually speaking to a few people on my course who are starting off coding and I was reflecting back on when I first started and I had forgotten how tough it was and how often I nearly gave up.

Best of luck on your coding journey!


Thanks for the reply. Good luck with the course you’re in!

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