FCC Curriculum Feedback: Small Projects

So, I love Freecodecamp. I love the forums, the curriculum – the one thing that bugs me is that the only projects present are designed for those who have already completed all of the lessons in the category. I would love it if there were more small projects integrated into the curriculum, so as to attract those who would like a free, project-based method of learning to code.


It already IS a free, project-based method of learning to code. The reasons the projects are at the end of each category is because each category is designed to around giving you enough information to be able to do the small projects.

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Good point. But it takes a while to get to the end. The projects seem to help you complete, not learn, the skill.
(@anon46334297 exactly )

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I would not really consider these “small” projects.
They are somewhat big actually.

Anyway, to the point.
What this user is suggesting is that throughout the curriculum you could have your regular challenges, but then also have small projects along the way that help you build up to your big projects at the end.

Does this make a little more sense now?

I personally like this suggestion.

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I tend to agree, though I think it is reasonable to just look back on what you learned in for instance basic javascript and make something out of those tools. I don’t know that we need a tutorial for it. maybe just say

“ok go make a random number generator, we’ll wait.”

part of the fun of projects is making what you feel like. I’m definitely not opposed though, and I think we could easily fit some meatier but still simple projects in the beginning and middle of the courses.

What you describe is how other learning platforms work. To make sure all of the small projects tie end neatly to the final project, the bigger projects tend to become very narrow in scope and everyone’s projects look identical and function. It is my opinion that FCC’s philosophy does not pin you down the way a curriculum such as what you describe would probably do.

I am not saying that doing it your way would not work for some people, but that is not the path FCC has decided to take at this point in time.


Also, no need to use caps lock. It makes it seem like you are shouting at us.

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@b3u and others, I also like this idea. I’m thinking about adding some small projects if/when I propose a cohort for the Front End Libraries Certification.

So far, from what I can tell, I think it might be helpful to do a small Bootstrap project, a small jQuery project, a small Sass project, etc…, in addition and leading up to the main five fCC projects, in order to solidify that learning even more. I’ll have to do some research before I can articulate this appropriately and determine if it’s doable in the context of a cohort.

Let me know if you all know of any beginner projects that stress each of the Front End Libraries technologies. Thanks!

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It could be an idea to have at the end of each subsection a small quiz/project based on the curriculum for that subsection.

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I have an idea for your extra “small projects”.
Why don’t you go to any website and copy the front page.
This should test your HTML and CSS skills.
Then you can do this in your free time. You can ask for feedback on the forum or chat room.


@JohnnyBizzel Good idea, though my thought was more on the javascript end. Have any ideas for that?
@RandellDawson Makes sense. I’ve just been having trouble finding a project curriculum online for free. For example, codecademy requires pro. If anyone knows of a good one for me, I’d be glad to hear it.
Maybe another forum thread could be the answer to this. A place for people to discuss project ideas.

Have you looked at the JavaScript challenges on http://www.codewars.com/. They range from trivial to insane – you might enjoy them :smiley:

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Thanks so much! I definitely will take a look.