FCC forum URL changing without refreshing the page?

I noticed that when I browse through stuff in the forum, the URL changes but the browser window doesn’t visibly refresh. I think it’s really cool, how does this work?

Maybe this:

This lead to the old hashbang method of changing the URL without a full page refresh. Famously, Twitter used to do things this way and was largely criticized for it (a hash not being a “real” resource location).

I took a quick look through the page source and it seems like they’ve built the forum using EmberJS. If I’m not mistaken this is a SPA framework (single-page application), which uses a router to display different sections without refreshing the entire page.

Robin Ward “eviltrout” wrote about this technique:


It has been improved a lot further since that post, but the fundamentals are still the same. And like @nameToReachPeople correctly pointed out, it’s done by using the History API.