FCC: Javascript Calculator, User Story #11: I am stuck Please Help

Hi everyone, i hope that you are well.
So my problem is:
the project is a javascript calculator from front end certificate.

I Cannot understand why the FCC test suite is stuck in the user story 11.

My codepen code

i found this old topic

any help you be appreciate, thanks :grin:

Youโ€™re using react 18. Try using react 17. Your code is currently failing all the clicking tests and react 18 and the testing bundle have compatibility problems on the tests involving clicks.

Testing manually, it also fails. Try this sequence (based on the tests) after a reload:

  1. enter 1.2
  2. clear
  3. enter 0
  4. clear
  5. enter 0000
  6. clear
  7. enter 5.55

will display 555 not 5.55. This indicates a problem in your duplicate decimal logic or state.

My guess is that it will fail on react 17 as well, but at least you have something to debug.

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Thanks for help-me i really appreciate, i will try !

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