FCC test suite problems with React app

I ended up with my calculator app long time ago. So it worked fine, I checked it many times. But now it gives random number of done tests (minimum 12) in Firefox or mostly 15/16 or 16/16 in Chrome. I delete any async code from my project, refactored it totally, but problem is still here. I 100% sure that test were passed when I made it.
It’s very frustrating because now I’m too busy to solve this bugs.
You can view app here: js-calculator-fcc - Nix (beta) Repl - Replit

I would suggest you try downgrading to React 17. You can start by testing using the old render method first (ReactDOM.render from react-dom) with 18 but that might not always be enough.

Thank you for response.
Unfortunately, I already have a version remade on React 17.0.0. on my github. But it works same way.

Your Replit app is passing all the tests for me (in Firefox and Chrome).


Yes, you are absolutely right. My github app (Calculator FCC) works absolutely fine on both too (you need to switch display property to block on FCC test suite in your dev tools). What do you think might have caused this issue? I think, it’s may be freecodecamp’s developers was doing something with tests.
It’s a crazy topic. But I don’t wanna this situations in future. I admire freecodecamp’s work and I don’t wanna have a situation where somebody looks at my beautiful certification and get test results that say I’m a huge liar

I’m confused, what isn’t passing? Please link to the code that doesn’t work.

We changed the test by adding a delay between button clicks to help it work better with React 18. But that really shouldn’t affect working code I would think.

Now everything is alright. I mean, if this will happen again, woudn’t it be a reason to take away my certification?

I doubt it. There really aren’t resources for checking every campers project, that is just unfeasible. Also, I’d think we mainly care about empty projects or code copying, not projects where we can see the effort has been put into it and that only fail a few tests.

As much as we try not to break backward compatibility it can happen and we have no real way of knowing if a project used to pass but now fail (for whatever reason).

I wouldn’t worry about it. Besides, in the end, what really matters is what was learned while coding the project.

Thanks a lot for this detailed answer.
I think, the problems is solved, and my spirit is healed.

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